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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday Tantrums...., ok. Maybe not tantrums...until this very minute. Am through with my lovely sweet daughter screaming at me with every little thing that she deems I've messed up. It's such a heavy feeling to know that you've the ability to fuck someone's little world right up at any given moment. So Aaron's taking care of business so that I let her live to see another day.
....The twins and I just spent the evening at Aaron's parents' house for my mother-in-law's jewelry party. I added to my ever-increasing stash of jewelry. And the twins were good. Until we went to leave. Then Erin's mood went south very quickly.
....The picture you see here is one of my many good pictures at the Butterfly House in Put-In-Bay. I'm excited to print out several of these (like four to a 4x6 sheet?) and make a mini album out of them.... Must do this soon, or they will remain on my computer.
..Speaking of having pictures printed out, I've now tried two new picture processing places online. Because each of them offered me 50 free prints to try them out. So am using this to comparison shop. We'll see how it goes, and I'll let you know what I think....because you know I'll always have an opinion.
....Am going to go stretch out my angry body now. Laying off a week and then working out pretty well in two days has left me a bit sore. My back is also unhappy, so I now know for certain that I must remain active, or succumb to taking muscle relaxers. *sigh* Getting old....


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

What do you think the kids want from their tantrums? A change in your behavior or decisions? I can tell my kids that I will no longer be discussing such and such if they want to argue with me. I can ignore them till the cows come home and not discuss whatever it was again. Scott? Not so much. The problem is that kids need consistent discipline and neither Scott nor I are consistent. It is hard to sit a kid in time out when you are ready to leave a place.

Don't I sound all high and mighty? Of course my kids are upstairs fighting at this moment as seth ants to work on a game alone and Noah wants to play with him.

12:44 PM

Blogger Aaron B. said...

I heard that my pictures were better.

2:28 PM


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