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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Stick Fighting! Woohoo!

So I'm a big, fat dork. I know this is a new concept for you all. But it's true. We have been doing some things with Phillipino stick and knife fighting at our adult karate class. And it's fun. Lots of fun. And I feel like I'm getting pretty good at it.

I did wind up talking to my sensei yesterday about how he only pays attention to my friend in sparring class. I think he's going to help me tomorrow. We shall see if it works out. I really want to be someone to compete against. Not just pummel.

So Erin might not be cut out for karate. In class last night, she went ape shit becuase she couldn't see herself in the mirror, so she wound up bowing off the mat and sitting with Aaron. And she continuously tells me she doesn't want to go back to karate. And I swear, I've NOT been micromanaging her. We shall see what happens with her. Griffin is doing well, though, and is really made up about going to class and earning stripes for his belt.


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

Did you have to sign a contract for her? With Seth we had a six month contract so he knew he HAD to stick with it for that amount of time.

5:02 PM

Blogger Auntie said...

Maybe Maggie and Erin could do something together. Maggie thinks she needs a friend to start something and since Erin doesn't like what she is doing, it could be a win win.

8:58 PM


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