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Monday, January 07, 2008

Feeling Old...

...OK, so I'm feeling a bit old lately. Friday I went to karate and wound up being the only adult in the last class of the day. The result? Having to work out with the dreaded six grader (who had previously beaten me at grappling). She's a nice girl. She's just one of those goofy sixth graders. And she's mean. OK, she's not mean, but she's like a freaking bull in a china shop. When trying new things in karate, the trick is to try them out slowly. So we do a few take-downs. OK, no big deal, right? Wrong. For the first take down, she nearly breaks my wrist getting me to the floor. Why? Because she just jerks my wrist instead of slowly taking me where she wants me to go. When it was my turn to practice on her, she whines, saying that she has a low tolerance for pain and to go easy on her. What?! I am in so much pain I feel like taking her ass out. But, being the old lady, I am gentle. After I've done my turn, however, I promptly tell her that she needs to do things more slowly or I will not be her partner any more. So we do another take down with out any incident. But, alas, there are three take downs of the day. The last one spills the person on their back. OK, no big deal. But she spills me on my back, on top of her foot.

....I felt like an old crippled person until about Saturday night. *sigh*


Blogger Nancy said...

6th grader or not, I would definitely kick her little ass! She asks you to be more gentle with her but doesn't offer you the same??? To me that means that you should be a little rougher with her to demonstrate how it feels when you ask and your needs aren't met (and demonstrate slowly so that she well get it LOL)

1:12 PM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

This is when being the parent sucks. if I hadn't had kids, I'd beat her behind in Karate. But knowing her mom is somewhere and that she is someone's sweet child, you just have to suck it up and be the bigger person. I hate lessons like that.

1:43 PM


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