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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Busy, Busy

So much ado Chez Byers. And it goes in spurts, but the man of the hour is none other than our dear Collin. Last Saturday, we had the Black Belt Extravaganza--the official ceremony for his receipt of his Jr. Nidan (or second-degree black belt for those of you not in the karate world). It was fun for me now that I've been sucked into the world of martial arts. I sat in awe of the ability of some, and in amusement at the theatrics of others (you guys know what a mean woman I am...). Looking at the successes of others makes me want to step up my own training. Anyway, back to Collin. He did a pretty good job, remembering that he's only 11. He will be doing this all again when he's older, and I do feel that he'll remember it better when he's older, if he still chooses to persue the awesome craziness of martial arts.

He's also been quite busy with Boy Scouts. This weekend will find him in a plane, doing the requirements for his aviation badge.

I kept going on my own Christmas cards this weekend. I will post when I finish. They're going to be different, and I can't wait to get them finished up.

Hope you are all having a good Tuesday!


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