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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


....since I so rarely take the time to actually post....

....last Saturday was Collin's ELEVENTH birthday. I suppose this is what comes from being a teenage mother.... but still. Eleven? Where the hell has the time gone? Anyway, we attempted to go to BW's for dinner (a family favorite at the moment....can't get enough boneless wings with medium sauce, potato wedges with cheddar and diet Coke!), but the Oaken Bucket game was on, so no dice. So we went instead to a new little best-kept-secret restaurant called Big Hoffa for some barbeque. We got Collin a Colts jersey (Marvin Harrison, to be exact....), some books and a Nintendo DS game. At the moment, he's saving up for a Wii. Not something we can afford while still paying a mortgage equivalent in daycare each month, so he's saving up. So he got money from nearly everyone for his birthday, so he has about $160! Not too shabby. We also owe him $18 of retro-pay on allowance, so he's over half way to the goal.

....In other news (it's all about Collin this go, just so you know), Collin did get his Second Degree Black Belt a few weeks ago. This entitles him to go to the Black Belt Extravaganza, where everyone from the Shorei Goju Ryu style gets together to show off what they've learned and have a big graduation ceremony. Unfortunately, this also falls on the same day as the Boy Scout December lock-in. Typically, scheduling isn't so bad, but sometimes it really gets out of hand... and I only have ONE kid in activities right now.....sometimes the future scares the crap out of me!

....OK, back to Ozzy and reviewing leases..... Happy Thanksgiving to those who still stop by!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Steph - see you guys tomorrow!

8:45 AM

Blogger Katie said...

Happy belated birthday Collin! When you are ready to find the Wii, call my parents. The store in LGT always has like 3 in stock cause no one knows what the hell a Wii is. (That's how we got ours!)

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

8:52 AM

Anonymous judy said...

Okay Steph, ya gotta tell me what LGT is. And I am so giving Collin some cash for his bday! Go Collin!

1:14 PM


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