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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Yes, folks, I'm a Scrooge when it comes to the holidays. The holidays make me an unhappy bitch. First of all, there is the shopping. For as long as I'm paying more in daycare than for my house payment (it's preschool for two...shut up you, who think I should just go back to working out of my house to spare myself the you really want to read about me in the newspapers??), shopping will hold a financial stress. There's also that little bit about Black Friday shoppers being awful. Next year, I'll wear my brand-spanking-new karate black belt and dare someone to rip the five dollar pj's out of my hand! Why, oh, why didn't I start shopping earlier?? Oh, yes, I's because four year-olds are fickle, fickle humans, ready to change their minds on their likes within a moment's notice.

Secondly, there's the family aspect. It just stresses me out. And as soon as I try to do my best to do the right thing, it turns around and bites me in the ass. I always say that my family doesn't have the monopoly on dysfunction, but we could write a really damn good book about it! Suffice it to say that Thanksgiving held some interesting times for me, and that sometimes it makes me not even want to step foot in my home town. And what's funniest of all, is that there were so many redeeming qualities about the weekend. And the best times had by all were with people not related to me by blood. Family, yes. Just family that treats me better than those who are blood relation. Funny how that happens. I do take that back a bit.... we stayed with my brother and his new wife and it was very nice and relaxing. But it's funny that, aside from those in my immediate family, my blood relatives are nutso. Someone actually asked my husband what he sees in me.....

Anyway, speaking of people not related to me by blood who make my world a bit happier.... Judy. She, out of the blue, brought me Frango Mints. I love it that she remembers me for the idle pratter of things like one of my favorite chocolates.... Love ya, Judy!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We love you, Steph. And I'm not too "into" the holidays this year either...and how weird is it to see you write something like "stayed with my brother and his wife.." It doesn't seem like he should be old enough! Amazing...

2:51 PM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

When I asked people to write what they were thankful for on my blog comments someone wrote something like "I am thankful for my friends. Without them, I'd have to nice to my family." It just totally cracked me up, she must come from dysfunction like us.

5:12 PM


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