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Friday, April 13, 2007

Does my Butt Really Look Like That?

Followed this home from work yesterday. Just made me wonder if that's a black version of what people see when they follow me. hehe Yes, the weather is atypical for April. Am so sick of snow flurries!
Aaron's going to see the latest shoot-em-up-kill-em-up flick tonight with his friends. I told the twins this morning about it, and said that we'd probably go out to eat this evening. Griffin said "How 'bout Donald's or something?" Erin said, "How 'bout B-Dubs?" Crack me up.


Blogger nain said...

That's my girl!!! Tell little Erin, we'll be going to B-Dubs in a few weeks for Aunt Nain's bday. Love those kids...hey, looking forward to going out with you guys soon! The question is - who can we con into being our DD?

9:18 AM

Blogger Nancy said...

That's a sweet ass you've got there lady ;)

12:18 AM

Blogger M@ said...

No honey that car doesn't make your ass look big. ;)

2:59 PM


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