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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Design Team Layouts Up!

Go here to see! One of the scans is wonky, as a piece of the layout fell off. You'll see when you go there what I mean. hehe

Nothing much else ado in Byersland. Getting ready to celebrate the birthdays of two family members. That will be fun. One's turning one and the other's older. *wink* Can't wait until next weekend!

This weekend, if you're around the Turkey Run State Park, you shall see me with four boys and another den leader. Probably yelling at them! Fourth grade is not my favorite age in dealing with kids. Pray to whatever god you celebrate that I'll have the patience to make it through.

Keep my friend Judy in your thoughts. She is traveling to Kenya on an educational missions trip this weekend. Am hoping for an awesome experience for her!

Have a good Tuesday!


Anonymous Alaina said...

Yeah, I'm only slightly older than that...looking forward to going out with you guys!!!

10:25 AM


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