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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"I don't love you that much...."

So Griffin's been peeing the bed at night. Frustrating, I tell you, especially when things like his large Batman pillow have to be washed. Apparently, Batman's not so invincible in the machine, because his muscle exploded. Well, Aaron voluntold me to sew it up. I ask Griffin, "So, who's your favorite mom?" "You are," he replies. "How much do you love me?" I ask. "Lots and lots," he replies. "Lots and lots and lots?" I ask. "No, just lots and lots. I don't love you that much!"

Not much new happening in Byersland. Same thing, different day. Feeling pretty caught up with work....feels good for the most part...until the boredom kicks in. To ease the boredom and my nagging voice, I was given the job of decorating our board room with survey copies of our properties. This has proven to be a fun task, but today my boss said I was killing him with how much money I was spending on it. And to think I saved them money by figuring out proportions of our new properties to save on having to reframe them all. I only needed to buy ONE new frame. Which, coincidentally, was more expensive by itself than it was to use old frames for five others. So, in all, I saved them a boatload of money. Not cheap, this little project of mine! It's been fun. Now I just need to figure out how to get these little plaques onto the frames without tearing them up..... we shall see.


Blogger nain said...

Hey keep an eye out in the mail - since I won't see Aaron on his bday, I sent something...but I do hope to see you guys Sunday! I MISS YOU GUYS!!! You must come visit soon :-)

5:43 PM

Blogger Katie said...

You are a scrapbooker, it'll all work out! :)

8:50 AM


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