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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Made The Paper....

....go here to see! It was on the front page of the 13th.

....Other news in Byersland....yes, there is more to life than my trees, right?....I am getting things ready yesterday for a lunch meeting today. I think I'm hot stuff and use Pizza Hut's online ordering system. Ordered it, paid for it...good to go. I continue working on other things, and suddenly, the Pizza Hut delivery man is at my desk with the food I ordered. I don't remember seeing a TIME NEEDED on the ordering. I know I used it last time I ordered online, but don't remember seeing it this time. They were very nice about it, and I'm still getting the pizza delivery today, but man-o-man, was I ever embarrassed!

...I dropped the twins off at the babysitters this morning. I hugged Griffin and told him that I had to go. He told me that I shouldn't go. I asked him whether I should stay with him all day. He told me that I just needed to get small and stay and play at the babysitters and have fun. He would get bigger and go to work. Love that little man! *grins*


Blogger nain said...

You sound very intelligent in that article - way to go, Steph! I see major changes coming your way :-) Maybe a career in city politics? I'll see you guys Saturday!

8:04 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

They will probably widen the road behind you no matter what, but if you make enough noise, maybe they'll replace the trees for you? Find out what type of re landscaping plan they have after they ravage the land. Wil the plan suit you or do you require better and bigger foilage?

11:07 AM

Blogger Jules said...

You're famous! Good for you speaking up :)

7:50 PM

Blogger Cath said...

WTG on the news story. Hope it gets you somewhere!

2:55 PM


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