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Monday, November 06, 2006

Random Musings.... cholesterol is currently down a few points....184...go me. :)

...2:00 am is way too late for this old lady to stay up.

...drunk people are funny.

...Howl at the Moon does their best to rape people of their money. (That's a bar in downtown Indy, by the way...and the place has kind of gone downhill since July....I mean...180 to reserve two tables for the night? Not the minimum order...that's how much it costs. THEN, they don't have food. AND THEN, they don't even bother to give free diet Coke to the poor soul who volunteered to be DD!!! sorry. fit over.) at the Workman's on Saturday was relaxing and fun.

...the twins are starting to grow up, as previous pizza nights Chez Workman have not been so relaxing.

...the local electricity company does not have it all together.

...midnight is too late to stay up watching football on a school night.

...Collin didn't stay up. I did.

...GO COLTS!! once again the only undefeated team in the NFL.

...don't ask me why I care. I'm a fairweather fan.

...being a squeaky wheel with my church caused me to get the twins in a better Sunday School class. Not that the twins notice any difference, but Aaron and I sure do!

...I'm freaking tired.....


Blogger nain said...

Wow, lots of random musings. Gotta let that Howl at the Moon thing go, though...I'm the one who paid out the ass, and it's all good, really. What's this Workman's pizza? Never heard of it, is it good?

10:55 AM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

I know you did, but I'm pissed about it...I will pay you back. It just might have to be incrimental! ;)

we went to the Workman's for pizza....they're friends. lol

11:14 AM

Blogger nain said...

I really don't want you to pay me back - please don't worry about it! Ha, Ok, I thought you were saying that was a pizza place...

11:58 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

Workman's Pizza is so good, in fact, it's the best. It's Papa Johns (or whoever I have a coupon for.)at my house. It's my last name. Heee Heee You are so smart, I never pull the wool over your eyes, Nain.

2:09 PM


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