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Monday, October 23, 2006

The Office Bitch....

....not what it implies, really. There is more than one definition for bitch.....and bitch in this sense means "someone you does everything you ask of them." This is what I am when I'm not the Office Monkey. I'm currently working at the apartment complex for which I moonlight as "Apartment Pimp." I found out I was working at said place at 8:45 last night, just as I was about ready to hop in the shower with the gruesome twosome for an oh-so-not-relaxing bit of clean-up. I don't really mind receiving calls in the evening, asking me to be the Office Bitch, but I do hope next time they will be more considerate and do so before my kidlets' bedtime.

...and another thing. There is no one else working here with me. Therefore, I am in dire need to use the toilet and get some freaking food.

...I feel like the office version of Mikey.... "Give it to Stephanie...she'll do anything." *hears sniggering behind hands*


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