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Monday, October 30, 2006

Productive Weekend....

1 batch of toll house-type cookie bars made with Ghiardelli (spelling??) chocolate...yum

2 rooms rearranged....the office/scraproom has been demoted to simply the office, while the dining room-formerly-known-as-half-the-daycare-room has been promoted to my crafting area/guinea pig room!

6 hours worked at the apartment. I showed my first apartment and got to keep chipping away at the mysteries left behind by the former property manager. Fun, fun. At least it was not so boring that it made being away from the twins all that much hard.

18 Christmas cards made for my mother-in-law.

60 minutes worth of sleep with Erin on Friday night while Griffin and Collin finished watching "Curious George".....can anyone tell me how it ends??


Anonymous M@ said...

George gets hit by a car.

Ok, not really. I watched it a couple weeks ago, but I've forgotten already.

10:20 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

You had Ghiraddeli and didn't invite me over? We need to re think this whole friendship thing. Or I need to tell you how it works.
(Okay, of course, just kidding, I love you, and I might not be so inclined to share the toll house either.)

10:45 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

I have been trying all weekend to comment on Rebecca's blog but no luck. What's up with that?

10:47 AM

Blogger Auntie said...

WHAT?? No Ghiraddeli for me either??

George was pretty uneventful to me when I watched it and I can't remember either. I am thinking he got the girl...or did the man in the yellow hat get her?? Sorry, no can do tell you.

3:13 PM


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