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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Working on Saturday....

...despite the fact that I do miss my babies something awful, I don't mind this so far. I say so far, because you never know what the next minutes have in store, especially in this business! It's been very quiet so far, and I am actually doing things that didn't get done yesterday for my "real job." It's nice to know that, despite the fact that I'm probably underpaid to begin with (you can bet that my sorry ass will be bringing this up in a year when it's time for a review!), that the company I work for will pull for me and help me figure out how to earn extra money. And if I wind up working 3 or 4 Saturdays a month, I think that I will have enough to make ends meet a little better than what I do now. Saturdays here seem to be fairly easy, though, so I'm not complaining too much about the situation. And, the debts that are starting to make me worry are really, in the grand scheme of things, not too bad. I just don't want to have to worry about them and have to add to them because of our current situation. We've been in this spot once before, and it's not a pretty thing.

...anyway, it's back to sacrifices for me. This is OK. Aaron's been worrying about it, but I would rather roll up the sleeves and dig in so that it's not so bad now, than have it all snowball out of control and not have taken the time to do what I can now to help the situation. It's only 6 hours extra a week. I was pulling 20 hours extra a week before. See? Not so bad, this situation. I wish that I could put these 6 extra hours on the regular work-week, but "so ist das Leben." I just think that it will only be for two years or so. After that, we'll not be paying out quite as much in daycare costs.

...Speaking of daycare costs, I really do have to muse at how two little people who have enriched my life so much could simultaneously screw it up so much.....


Blogger Cath said...

Hope you don't have to work too many weekends babe

6:11 PM


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