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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Mommy, Be Nice to Us!", the day after Halloween, I absentmindedly reach in the candy bowl for a piece of candy. Of course, I did this in front of things one and two, and they immediately begin asking for candy. Being the mommy I am, I told them no. Griffin then yells at me "Mommy, be nice to us! We are your friends. You need to share!" Point taken. They got their damned candy that day.

...nothing else much new to report. I have spent the last few consecutive evenings making cards for Aaron's aunt, who ordered a few sets for her friends for Christmas. I will post a pic if I get the chance. The last pic was from my phone. Pretty cool, eh? (I'm way behind the times, as Katie's hubby has been posting from his phone forever! LOL)

...tonight, Aaron and I are going on a date. Yes....Aaron and I...on a date! Aaron's student teacher last year gave him a gift certificate to a schwanky steakhouse that we otherwise wouldn't go to and threw in an evening of babysitting. Well, he called to make good on the babysitting offer and we're headed out tonight. Am excited about this.


Blogger nain said...

Enjoy your date! See you this weekend!

11:08 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

Woo Hoo a hot date. Gotta love that!

12:41 PM

Anonymous M@ said...

Aaron's gonna get lucky tonight. ;)

4:57 PM

Blogger nain said...

Hope dinner was good last night! You guys deserved a night out!

(also, I'm just going to ignore m@'s comment...)

8:41 AM


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