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Friday, May 05, 2006

Feeling Better....

.... after closing down the gym with 30 mins on the elliptical trainer, 15 mins on the treadmill, and about 15 mins or so working with leg weights. After my efforts, I'm proud to report that the Zookeeper is under 160 (had been up and over 165 earlier) and am starting to feel a little teeny bit of a difference. which makes the end of my day a little more tolerable.

.... update on *odd* dad. i confronted him about the fact that it's unconventional to drop a kiddo off with someone without having first met the provider. he said that his sister had said that "everything's taken care of". This in no way shape or form in my mind absolves him of any further responsibilities toward me or his child! oh, well, he was undergoing a move, etc, but I still was VERY uncomfortable in having her here yesterday. She turned out to be a lovely little bit, and I look forward to next week. It's still a very strange situation, though! was a very long day, and i'm going to go to bed and read or sleep and let Aaron have at the computer. He's got a baseball season to finish! (he loves the game Baseball Mogul...'tis a shame, really, that he is sucking up the sand with his Yahoo! fantasy baseball league...)


Blogger Nancy said...

It's a good thing that you came down from the roof when you did. Otherwise Aaron might have tried to convince you to start replacing shingles and such whilst up there. whew!
And that dad is most certainly odd. I can't even imagine dropping my kid off with someone I have never met before.

10:33 PM

Blogger novaks8 said...

Oh, when I did home daycare I had a mother who dropped her kids off with a pop tart in hand and in tshirts.
She wouldnt even dress them!

Then the baby kept pooping! Like runny nasty poops, all day.
I finally found out that this was the reason they kicked her out of daycare!
He had that thing you get when the providers dont wash their hands.

Luckily I DID wash my hands so my kids didnt get it.

Then her checks started bouncing.

Then she was late every day.

One day I called her at work to ask a question and they said she hadnt worked there in about 3 weeks.

Let's just say that I ended that relationship.

11:15 PM

Blogger cmhl said...

yay you for getting under 160! that is great!

2:06 PM


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