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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Would I Rather..... a day or five in my home as a Zookeeper


.....throw a baby shower for my sister-in-law with a militant in-law (the sister-in-law of MY sister-in-law) who spent way too much fucking money on food, thus setting me back 74.13 for the shower?

go ahead. guess.

i can't decide, either.

gee, i love my life sometimes. W.A.F. W. O. A. you'll never guess what that acronymn is for. *wink*


Anonymous Judy said...

OMG you don't want to know how many people I can feed on 75 bucks. I'd have to tell her," oh so sorry, I am fucking poor here!"

I'll be gone to gatlinburg for a few days, tell us about how the shower food was, and yes, take home ALL the leftovers for your family.

8:56 AM

Blogger Katie said...

Holy crap! I've been looking at the expensese of my sister's bridal shower and I was thinking of asking each bridesmaid (4 besides me) to chip in $15-$20. $74 is a big pill to swallow! I hope it went well otherwise.

And I suck at acronymns... Happy Daylights Savings Time! ;)

8:57 AM

Blogger Walter said...

I'd tell you to flip a coin to decide, but since you're 75 bucks in the red maybe you should just play a game of rock paper scissors with your son to decide if you really want to go or not.

11:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huh, your comment doesn't sound that bad at all.

5:48 PM


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