Life as a reformed Zookeeper. Now living a life as a working mother who dabbles in karate, scrapbooking, and Coors Light!

Sunday, March 26, 2006's really sunday...

....but i've not gone to bed yet.... stamps or paper were purposely harmed in the making of my sister-in-law's baby shower keepsake book. *winks*

.....and no Zookeepers were harmed in the cleaning up of the mess.... *wretches*


Blogger Shell said...

Its official Steph

you get all the fun

all of it

its all yours!

5:57 AM

Anonymous alaina said...

can't wait to see what it looks like!!

5:25 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

It has clearly been 36 hours or more since your last update. I am lonely for you.

2:36 PM

Anonymous alaina said...

ditto :-) I need something else to read while at work!

2:53 PM

Blogger Cath said...

Hope i can see pics at your other blog lady!

1:17 AM


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