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Thursday, March 30, 2006

On a Lighter Note....

(Erin and Griffin in the bathroom, both under the guise of needing to use the potty)

Erin: I poopy on the potty!

Griffin: Woohoo, Erin! That's so pretty!

(They go to wash hands, and water fight ensues, wherein they're simultaneously trying to use the faucet as a drinking fountain and laughing madly when they kiss eachother trying to get a drink.)


This, my friends, is why I've not killed them yet.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a bathroom to clean up. As well as a kitchen, because my friend came over tonight, and we were too busy playing with her stamps that we pretty much left them to their own devices....within reasons...put the phone down....that's a good reader.


Blogger Katie said...

Awesome! hehe

10:46 AM

Blogger Cath said...

Aww that is so sweet

1:35 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

And where was aaron while you and your friend had a few childless minutes? He should have been taking care of them, like you do all day. Do I hafta come over there and tell him?!

3:27 PM

Blogger Auntie said...

Guess what? I poopy on the potty too but it isn't pretty! What does it take to make it pretty? An imagination of a 3 year old??

6:37 PM


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