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Thursday, April 13, 2006

There Must Be Something Amiss... the blogosphere today, as there have been many people commenting on what others have said in and about blogs. I am no exception. But I would like everyone to bear in mind that this is the way I communicate so as not to disrupt the lives of those around me. I have no co-workers with whom to bounce ideas and frustrations off of. Those few people who know only the work-side of you and do not know all the other people who play a role in your life, whether it be significant or not. And sometimes you need the opinions of more than one person to validate your thoughts. You, members of the blogosphere, are the people with whom I bounce ideas off of. Those who read and comment or read and lurk. Or those of you who know me outside of the blogosphere who read. But sometimes people say things in their blogs that they don't necessarily want feedback on. They say things that they would write in their own personal diaries. Well, readers have to know when they need to just move along and not internalize anything that they read. That this person is using their own blog as the method through which they leave some baggage behind. That even if the people, albeit anonymous in all reality, mentioned in the blog are people that they know, that they just need to leave it be. You name one person that hasn't spoken out of his or her ass when upset and bothered, and THEY can be the ones to judge me for what I say here. You see, there are very FEW people who haven't said the types of things I say here when I am upset. We're all human, and humans have a tendency to not plug either hole when they're angry. I will not apologize for anything said here, because they have been what was in my mind at the time, and to me, those feelings are valid.


Blogger Auntie said...

Amen Sister...Really, I agree, it is kinda like watching tv if you don't like what you are watching, turn the channel. You don't have to watch the show and then diss it, just move is to short

10:44 PM

Blogger Cath said...

Totally agree

7:28 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

You go, girl!

8:50 AM

Blogger Katie said...

Exactly! And I've got your back. :)

3:13 PM


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