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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Remind Me Again......

.....why it is that I try? I'm feeling a bit despondant right now. I have planned a week's worth of seemingly fun (and not all that difficult) activities for the children for Easter. Only to be met by my daughter, kicking, screaming, hitting, and biting me. The fit lasted for probably ten or fifteen minutes. Not your average short-lived tantrum. All because I helped her with the freaking glue stick!

....these tantrums have been happening quite frequently in my household. And one little spark gets a forest fire going. This is happening with both parts of the Gruesome Twosome. And I don't like how EITHER of us acts when they do this. She bites me, so I smack her mouth. I hold her in baby-straight-jacket, but have to also pin her head so that she doesn't bite me. I hate this. Hate it.'s times like these where I think that someone else might be better equipped to deal with my children. That it is foolhardy to think that I can take care of them until they're in school full-day. Foolhardy to think that I can be a good daycare provider.


Blogger Katie said...

((hugs)) I'm sure it's just a stage but I am so sorry she's making everything fun so rough for you.

10:06 AM

Anonymous alaina said...

Oh geez, that doesn't sound fun...I'm so sorry...I know it's rough day-to-day to keep sane. Hang in there! Love you!

10:07 AM

Blogger novaks8 said...

Didn't you read my post?

Never, ever help them!


10:19 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

Noah used to have very bad tantrums so we would hold him in our laps in time out. You just have to remember to cock your head to one side so they can't slam the back of their head into the front of yours. That happens one time and you learn real quick!

12:57 PM


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