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Sunday, April 23, 2006


....when are tantrums just part of being three, and when are they indicative of a larger problem? Scenario that I just lived through.....

Erin: I do princess body wash.

Mommy: ok holds washcloth as Erin puts dab of Suave's very own "princess strawberry" body wash onto cloth, after which rubs the soap in so that child can commence washing herself

Erin: "No!! I DO PRINCESS BODY WASH!! I DO IT MYSELF" proceeds to kick, scream, bite me and Griffin throughout duration of the shower, toward the end gets thrown out of shower stall so that I can rinse my hair...not thrown, but I certainly did put her out of the shower so that I could have 30 seconds with which to rinse the conditioner out.....and kicks, screams, and bites while I try to dry her off, foregoing all drying to hold her in baby-straight-jacket for the next TEN MINUTES

OK, folks, there you have it. The ugly truth. This happens in the Byers household at least once a day. I begin to unwrap a chocolate to gift her with, and she throws it across the room and starts wailing on me. I do anything that she even thinks that she wants to do, and she goes ape shit.

When is this a problem? Where am I going wrong? Seriously, I'm trying NOT to help her with ANYTHING, but then that can sometimes spur a tantrum.

OK, taking my two-inch-high-on-the-verge-of-tears self downstairs to see if we're friends yet.


Blogger nain said...

oh shit, that sucks! I'm sorry hun :-(

10:08 PM

Blogger nain said...

hope things are better for you over there in the Byers' household....

I'll be back soon to distract you from your madness!

10:40 AM

Blogger Cath said...

Oh dear :( No advice hun, just hope you get some answers soon!

1:36 PM


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