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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lazy Sunday morning... I'm sitting here, listening to my boyfriend, making birthday cards for the three people who are celebrating this week. My mom, Sharon, has her birthday on Wednesday, and my brother, Danny, and my sister-in-law, Alaina, have theirs on Friday. So today might find me going and getting some presents to send them. I'm quite happy with the cards I made! I don't generally make a ton of cards, but I actually was fully aware that their birthdays were this week, so I figured that I'd try to plan ahead for a change. Crazy, huh? Don't worry, they'll probably still be late. I'll post them on my scrapping blog later today.

....So I love my daughter, I really do. There is no question about that. BUT, she is going to drive me to an early grave with how she gets into everything. It doesn't matter if all of the things in the office are put away or if they're everywhere and the joint's a complete mess....she'll find a way to get into things and tear something (of mine, no less) up. I just have to remember that this is a phase that she's going through. And I have to say that if this isn't a phase, then one of us will not likely make it to see her graduate. *sigh*

....Last night found me coming up with some things to do with the animals next week. We went to Target to find the little big man some summer clothes, and I hit the dollar bins, as usual. They will often have some really cool things there. So I found a whole bunch fo dinosaur things...all for a buck. So naturally I spent about five to ten dollars loading up my cart. *giggles* So I need to make some copies today so that we can have them for the week. I will have no less than five extra animals to take care of each day next week. Not a wonder that I'm feeling exhausted and having very odd, very vivid dreams lately!

OK, here's the list of things I should accomplish today:
1. grocery shop
2. make copies and prepare for the daycare week
3. clean up the office, including everything that Erin tore up
4. help fold the laundry that Aaron pushed through this weekend
5. play outside in the beautiful weather with the kidlets


Anonymous alaina said...

duly noted :-) I will NOT look at your scrapping blog this week - hee more week, and I'm out of this crap town! Yay!

11:05 AM

Blogger cmhl said...

i hope you get your list accomplished!!! I'm feeling like procrastinating...

2:43 PM

Blogger Cath said...

Wow, you are the bargain queen!

1:37 PM


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