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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Not A Bad Day.... it's been busy today, but not all that bad. Yesterday, while I didn't get a break, I made mini-lessons for the kids for the rest of the week and part of next week. So, we sang "Itsy Bitsy Spider", did a finger play called "My Garden", sang "Springtime", made foamie flower necklaces (gotta help them with their fine-motor skills, you know), read "Hey! Wake Up!" and "Bob the Builder's Telephone Book", and did Bingo-Dauber pictures.

....the only downside is having to put one of Erin's old onsie-shirts on one of the girls who would not. keep. her. clothes. on. and. kept. peeing. on. my. floor.

I did get to go out for about an hour to Wal-Mart to get some essentials. And I didn't really buy any non-essentials. I suppose the micro-derm abraision kit that I got wasn't exactly essential, but my acne might beg to differ! *winks*


Blogger Momma Monkey said...

Let me know about that micro-derm thingamabobber... I keep wanting to get it, but can't imagine it's gonna work on MY face, specially now that it's full of pregnancy hormones :)

3:35 PM


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