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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Long Day.....

....not a bad day, but a normal long day. Well, I take it back.....not a "normal" long day. And it wasn't for two reasons......

....I actually had a LESSON plan today. And I CARRIED IT OUT. Abnormally good, if I do say so myself.

....Aaron's on Spring Break....Which brings about a sense of unbridled jealousy. Breaks? Who gets those when you run a Zoo 60 hours a week?? Then Aaron does something goes to this world-famous (ok, more like upper-Indiana famous) ice cream place and gorges himself. OK, the fact I don't make it out of the country is a depressing thought. But not even being able to drive an hour for some kick-ass ice cream? That's just downright pathetically depressing.



Blogger Katie said...

Yeah but I bet it's not as good as Cincinnati's Graeters. ;)

8:40 AM


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