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Friday, February 24, 2006


...and Stephanie don't usually go together in the same sentence....unless it's in negation. I try, but find myself getting sidetracked. A lot. Some of this can be chalked up to the six youngsters that are plaguing my house, but most of it would more likely be attributed to just plain getting sidetracked by things that look more fun than the tasks I have on my mental to-do list. So today, my friends, I'm going to try to stay on task and accomplish the following:

1. clean daycare
2. clean office
3. fold Mt. Needtofold

With that, I bid you adieu to put the kidlets down for their naps and get started!


Anonymous Judy said...

Oooooh, a nap! That is what I want. I have two hellians upstairs and I can hear what sounds like bowling. WTF?!

1:15 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Good luck! Have a great weekend!

3:51 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Nevr got a nap. Now I have to cook dinner and get ready for the Winter carnival at school. Someone just called and the PTO needs a bookwalk vounteer for an hour tonight. Maybe I'll say yes. It assures that my kids can win a book.

5:12 PM

Anonymous judy said...

Did you lose your friends today? There aren't any Friends of the Zoo listed.

5:14 PM


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