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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tuesday, Tuesday....

....So yesterday was for shit. I wish someone would tell the cold/cough-up-your-lungs germs where to go. I'm so tired of coughing. *whine*

....Anyway, I'm trying to be a good Zookeeper again by doing fun stuff with the kids. Today, they entertained themselves well with playdough. Of course, some of them think it's snacktime when I bust out the dough, for they eat it like it's their last supper.

....So I went to change my ink cartridge yesterday on the printer, and found just where my new stamps had got hoping that it's not messing up my printer too much, as I have tons of stuff that I need to print out if I'm going to be a good Zookeeper.

....So I felt that maybe I shouldn't tell you all how wonderful my husband is, as I know for certain that some don't spoil their wives as rotten as I am spoiled by Aaron. But, I thought that a good man should get his props, so here goes: This past week, I got a gift EVERY SINGLE DAY. How awesome is that? Last Monday, it was the Curious George Soundtrack. Tuesday, it was a pair of earrings. Wednesday, it was a book (which is awesome and a must-read, by the way). Thursday, it was a Vanilla Chai Latte from Starbucks. And Friday, it was a box of Choxie chocolates from Target (which are yummy, and nearly all gone....*oink, oink*). I have to tell you, that, even though this is not the first time he's done something like this, I was pleasantly surprised and floored by it. Three of the gifts came with their own cards, too, telling me just how wonderful he thinks I am (got him snowballed, don't i?). And you know what. Despite anything I might write here to grumble about him, I think he's pretty wonderful, too. Take that, after nearly nine years of marriage!


Anonymous Judy said...

So, are you suspicious of Aaron's motives? maybe he is having an affair? there are lots of women that he works with, and I can't vouch for everyone's moral aptitude. Hmmmm Wonder what he is up to?

Oh yeah, it's Aaron, he's not up to anything, he just loves you. Make sure you give him a little gift of your own when you get well. One that doesn't cost you anything but will put a big smile on his face. HeeeHee

11:25 AM

Anonymous alaina said...

hey! check your email - Charlene emailed us back to talk about the venue...did you find anything out about the school cafeteria? God I hope so after hearing the prices she found

12:47 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Awww... Aaron's so sweet.

Hope you feel better soon!

6:27 PM

Anonymous alaina said...

trying not to be hurt that you said you'd call back but didn't :-( Just kidding - no biggie! yay for finally finding a place to have this shower!

9:12 PM

Anonymous beth allen said...

I hope you are feeling better soon!!
How wonderful is Aaron? WOW!

9:30 AM

Blogger novaks8 said...

get well soon

And you OWE him!


12:51 PM

Anonymous evelyn said...

what a lucky lady having such a wonderful hubby !

9:23 AM


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