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Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday, Monday....

....still hacking up my lungs. Haven't been able to fully accomplish getting them up and out, but you'd think I was trying with all the coughing that I've been doing. *sigh* other real news to report. Just another Federal holiday that everyone else but me seems to have off from work. Lovely. Not too shabby, though, as I only have two extra kidlets today. Yes, you've read that right. Two extra. Which feels like a vacation at times, except I don't have the choice on whether or not to go somewhere, as I don't have enough space in the Bingo Bus for two extra carseats. Collin's slim, but I'm afraid he's not that slim.


Anonymous Judy said...

Tie a rope to all the kids and make them walk single file over to Cool Creek. Ha! Or make Aaron drive the other vehicle with Colin and a kid or two in it.

11:42 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

Still no ads! Could you hack up a few of them so you'd get some spending monies?

11:43 AM

Anonymous alaina said...

if it helps, I don't have the federal holiday off, either! Hope you get a day of reprieve with not having a ton of children milling around....

1:03 PM

Anonymous alaina said...

I have a new toy! Two words - Google Maps. I love it! Something else for me to do when bored in class ;-)

4:06 PM


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