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Friday, February 17, 2006


....why is it that only one hobby prevails at a time? For me, it's either scrapbooking/paper crafting, reading, or computer overuse that takes precedence over any and all spare time. But usually only one occurs at a time. For successive days, I'll do only one of these things. Not like on Monday, I'll read for a bit, or Tuesday I'll scrapbook.... it just doesn't work that way. Nor does it usually happen on the same day. I know this sounds trivial.... lmao the reading hobby has taken the forefront as of late. In a string of wonderful Valentine's Day gifts, Aaron gave me Hypocrite in a Puffy White Dress, which shall be my next read. Though I hope that I don't do my normal bit of dropping-all-else-until-I-read-the-last-50-pages, bit. This might be easier, cos it's set up as a series of short stories.... I think. It's what it looks like from the cover and a peek at the table of contents....

...This weekend, I have a few things to try to accomplish. I need to find a venue for my sister-in-law's baby shower. And I need to keep brainstorming ideas for the invitation to the shower. I have a few albums to complete within the near future, one of them being another commissioned album for Kari . It's for her first daughter, who was also a 26 week preemie!


Blogger Katie said...

Reading is good. But so is sleep. Remember that. ;)

8:44 AM

Blogger novaks8 said...

AT least you mix it up!

It's not just computer all the time.

9:56 AM

Blogger Kari said...

I love reading! And I am so excited about my new album! Yea! The new book I am reading is Teacher Man by Frank McCourt.

10:06 AM

Anonymous aaron said...

Remember to remind me to tell you what I found out about the school cafeteria.

5:01 PM

Blogger Auntie said...

What did Aaron find out about the school cafeteria???

Is the club house cost to much here? I am sure we could get it if needed. about a scrapbook store?? I know Memories rents space out...maybe $25.00??

8:01 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Sorry i didn't come over last night, I was very tempted. But I went to bed and got some sleep instead. I am an exciting friend, aren't I? I knew another old married lady like you might understand.

10:35 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

So, what about the school cafeteria? Or Memoirs? Are you planning a party without me? Damn! I hate when that happens! But now I have foiled your evil plan.

10:37 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

It is too cold for me to go out today. I went out for soccer sign up at Oak Trace and nearly froze to death right there in the parking lot. This is definitely the coldest day we have had all winter. I want to borrow Napoleon Dynamite but am too cold to go and pick it up from you.

12:41 PM


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