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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Poop.... in Griffin's. I've cleaned up his messes no less than three times today, two of which were fecal in nature. We've had corn recently here at the Zoo, and well, let's just say, Griffin made the almighty discovery that corn goes solidly through the digestive tract. As I'm cleaning up the second mess of a gigantic (solid, thankfully) turd, he starts running after me........."MOMMY, IT'S GOT YELLOW ON IT! MMMOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMYYYY, IT'S GOT YELLLLLOWWWWW ON IT!!!!!"

....this, my friends, is the heighth of motherhood.


Anonymous alaina said...

oh shit, that's funny....yes, this is why I wonder if I'll ever be ready for motherhood :-)

4:46 PM

Anonymous alaina said...

oh, and hey, I wrote you a nonshower related email as well :-)

5:20 PM

Blogger Cath said...

OMG, if it wasn't poop i'd say that was funny!
And you will never guess what the word verification is!
Yep you guessed it - shyit

1:23 PM


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