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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

dog tired...

.... So my resolve to do anything with these kiddos today left with Dante and his sister yesterday. I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps, but know that they are going to have more fun being with their momma during the day. I will miss seeing them everyday, though!

....I went out to dinner with Aaron last night. We went to this placed called the Fox and Hound. It reminds me of an up-scale diner. They serve just about darn near everything, and had 2.50 draughts. So Aaron and I both ordered a drink, which we both had said we weren't getting. I ordered a Woodchuck, and get the feeling that perhaps it shouldn't be mixed with my new medication, for I feel similar effects of last week this morning, though not to the same degree.

....Can I tell you how strange it feels to have just four extra kids in my house today? It's much too quiet, despite the fact that the monkey-girl is here today. I wish that I felt better, as I should really be doing *something* with them today. I sure hope that I can find a toddler to replace Dante. The income would be nice.

OK, off to tame the wild masses... :)


Anonymous alaina said...

sorry you're down in the dumps - I'd cheer you up if I were there! Glad you guys had fun last night...I came down with a cold yesterday - and it's sticking with me...grrr...

Post the twin's bday pics and show off my mad photo skills ;-) J/k

btw, which kid is the monkey girl?

10:05 AM

Anonymous alaina, again... said...

OH, and I emailed you at your fraubyers hotmail account! Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon in couple weeks...we should totally work on planning the shower at Fox and Hounds :-)

10:20 AM

Blogger Katie said...

((hugs)) I'm sure Dante and baby F will miss you bunches too!

2:07 PM

Anonymous alaina part tres said...

Guess who got an interview??? ME :-) Yay - first one, but it sure as hell beats all those rejection letters from those firms

4:03 PM

Blogger Walter said...

How about taking the kids out for bowling. I like going since they put the gutter guards up and it always increases my score by 50%.

5:13 PM


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