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Sunday, February 12, 2006

A Good Weekend....

....I can't believe that it's already coming to a close! At least I don't have to wake up quite as early tomorrow, so there might be a few more hours in the evening for me yet!

....We really had a fun time with the babies on Saturday. Babies...yeah, right. Three years old they are, and it's amazing to think about. I will post pictures when I download them off the cam, but they had fun. They even went into my closet this morning, where they discovered their presents were....looking for more presents. LOL But anyway, they were totally excited about the fact that it was their birthday. I made them each a small white cake and decorated it (the first time i'd ever really used a piping bag to do more than write "happy birthday, *** on it!). Griffin spat on his cake, unsuccessfully trying to blow out the candles, so everyone ate off Erin's cake! So, guess who's eaten most of Griffin's cake today? (Yes, folks, there is a reason I will ever be 160+ pounds and in a size 14!) Anyway, they were hilarious when they ran at everyone who came in the door carrying a package. They looked like little baby birds scrambling for the worm! This is the first time they reall "got" the fact that it was their special day. And they got more presents than I can list! Collin made mention of the fact that they got more than he did. I am forever reminding him that there is only ONE of him, but there are TWO of them, so they naturally would get more presents. I also reminded him that we spent LESS money on each twin, and that his presents are MORE EXPENSIVE than theirs. So I think he finally understood why it looked as though he'd been shafted this year. *rolls eyes* I shouldn't roll my eyes at that, for it would have been exactly how I was at his age, but now I know why my parents would always be so exasperated with us! LOL

....So today we lounged around in the morning, watching the twins' new movie, "Nick Jr. Favorites 2." For about a half hour in my house, we had one of those "special" moments, where we were all laughing together, and lounging around in our PJ's on the sofas. Heart warming fluff, it was. After we hung out, we all got ready and went to Schlotzky's to eat, followed by a wonderful (insert note of sarcasm here) time of exchanging Griffin's duplicated present and taking back my Valentine's present that Aaron spent too much money on. You see, for Christmas he bought me this awesome down duvet. Well, I've not yet used it because we haven't bought a cover for it. Well, in reconciling our checkbook, he found out that he'd used the wrong card to purchase it, and so we decided to take it back and get what we wanted for it. That way, we can know that we do, in deed, have enough money for it before we buy it. *sigh* I shall still be sleeping with my old trusty comforter on top of me. Which is OK. The thing's only three years old. I can't believe we don't keep things around here longer than we do. We've had as many new comforters as we've moved since we've been married. Don't ask about's quite a shocking number.

Anyway, if you've made it through this novel without falling asleep on your keyboard or skipping through...congratulations, because I don't think I would have made it through! ;)


Anonymous Judy said...

Bed in a Bag sets, now those are for me! I want another one! yes, I've had a few. But with coupons at Ayres you can get them for about $40.00, so we aren't exactly talkin quality. Of course, I haven't been to the mall in years, either, curses to AM classes for little kids that end at 11:15 AM. How am I supposed to get my mall shopping done in 75 minutes, with round trip driving and all? Anyhow, I love new bedding, and wish I had some, every now and then.

8:47 PM

Anonymous alaina said...

I successfully made it through and didn't get bored once :-)

10:13 PM

Blogger Kari said...

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful birthday details. How fun that Erin and Griffin finally know its their day! Glad you had a great weekend!

11:06 PM

Blogger Katie said...

LOL on the comforters! It's because you keep changing the wall colors. You should sell the old ones on eBay. ;)

I'm glad you have a good weekend!

9:10 AM

Anonymous evelyn said...

you sure write a mean novel ha ha

7:08 PM


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