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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


....ok, so this is the first day that I've had all my daycare clients on the same day. Seven extra kids. Yes, I said seven. *sigh* Eight lunches to prepare, six diapers to change, two to sit on the potty, and one to discipline for being sassy with me. And not to mention all the "He's hitting me! He's taken my toys!" stuff that I've had to deal with. Oh, and baby in the pear tree. LOL no major castrophes today, but I'm surely wiped out.


Blogger novaks8 said...

Good Lord


3:03 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Seven extra kids, and your two twins? I couldn't figureout who didn't get fed as I counted nine kids total. Then I remembered the baby with a bottle, who wouldn't need a lunch prepared. Now I understand. I thought at first you just didn't like somebody, or forgot them. HeeHee

12:18 AM


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