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Monday, January 09, 2006

Insane Day....

....OMG, it's just gone from moderately crazy to over-the-top-fucking insane. While trying to get a baby to sleep this morning (unsuccessfully), the boys decided that the box of rice was better on the floor, and the girls decided that the ottoman and every other flat surface needed some "lotion". This magical potion?? THE GLAZE FOR THE BATHROOM WALLS! (thanks for putting it in the garage, dear....appreciate that one)


Anonymous Judy said...

Oh my, I don't know what to say. Will you ottoman be glazed to match your bathroom walls now? Do you need me to bring you some rice?

I was at walMart this morning and I saw the guy with the boom box. He passed me in the frozen food section and it was playing some almost david Cassidy from the 1970's type song.

So, I asked the lady by the door on my way out "what's this guys story?" and she says..."Oh, that is Steve. He used to be a businessman but he got hit on US 31. He's a little odd, but he is okay...he comes everyday...he used to ride a bike back and forth." (I think it was a powered bike, not sure, but I had seen him park it at the door many times.) She goes on to say that she thinks the police told him not to ride his bike around anymore,but he won't say why he isn't in his bike now. so he hitch hikes back and forth. He lives in Village Farms. He has a wife who tries to take care of him, and she is the one who is working in their family.

So, now ya know.

1:38 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

How hard is it to make those little books like you have posted on ebay? I need a little plain book that I can embellish with words for seth to learn. He knows his colors, but can't spell them. I hope he doesn't flunk out of kindergarten!

1:39 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Okay, I can post a comment on the scappin page as I am not ablogger. But, cool scappin pages. Are the white letters available in black? They are just what I think I really need. I need white, too. Are they stickers?

1:45 PM

Blogger instamom said...

i am so sorry. that sucks. the rice? not SO bad. The ottoman and other pieces of furniture? SUCK! Who would know how to get it out? Do YOU know how? Crap! Oh, i hate stains on furniture! My kids are hardly allowed to run around with WATER in a sippy, because i am all freaked out about it leaving water stains....and poor you have to worry about GLAZE stains! ugh!

2:29 PM


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