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Friday, January 06, 2006

I'm Still Here....

....thank goodness it's Friday. I can so use the peace and quiet that the weekend will bring. Peace and quiet being relative, here, folks.

....The day was pretty good, though, since my old boss came over with lunch. We feasted on McDonald's along with our diet Coke. She is partially responsible for my diet Coke obsession! I really miss her, and feel badly that the old workplace isn't close to what it used to be when I first started there. It was actually a happy place to work. Now it's totally different. And that's sad. And it stinks that my old boss made what work was for me. I miss what it USED to be. And I hate that it's just getting worse for her, as she deserves so much more out of that.

....So not much at all planned for the weekend, for which I'm thankful. I just wish someone would take my rotten kids so that I could do what I need to around this dump of a house! It's so very hard to do much with the gruesome twosome under foot. They destroy what takes me hours in the matter of five minutes.... *sigh*


Anonymous Judy said...

I am here, just lurking....

7:26 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Today I am surfing the net for Rum Punch recipes. Now, we're talking fun! I plan to serve some at my Stampin Up! party.

3:45 PM


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