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Saturday, January 07, 2006

A "Laid-Back" Saturday....

....Yippee!!! I'm so glad that we've had such a laid-back day. Remember, this is relatively speaking. Anyone with more than one toddler in the house (hell, ONE toddler), knows that days just aren't laid back with kids sometimes. Anyway, we decided to get out of the house to see what we could see. We went to Wal-Mart to get some rubber gloves so that I can clean the bathrooms later. We got a ton of other things, too (surprise, eh?). Then we went to Watson's floor coverings to see if we could find some tile for the backsplash in the kitchen. We have someone coming out on Monday to give us an estimate! Woot! Excited about that, I am! I'm also excited about the fact that these people had a play area, which was gated off for the toddlers to play in. Seriously, these places make you want to go back there to shop. Kind of like Menards and Ikea, no? Ashley furniture also does this. I give my money to those people who are kind enough to think of the family when they start putting a store together. Anyone who devotes an area to the kids deserves my money, as far as I'm concerned! Anyway, I digress (surprised, aren't you?). We then went to Dollar General Store to get wipes, because Griffin pooped and we didn't have any wipes. GRRRR...So then we went to Dick's Bodacious BBQ to get some grub. LLLUUURRRVVVEEE BBQ! Any meat that is smoked is happily eaten by this girl! I then went to Scrapbook Corner, for which my MIL had given me a wonderful gift certificate. I spent that, and the money that my mom gave me for Christmas, plus a few dollars. How much fun is it to go someplace that has fairly cheap goods and buy what you want? I did wind up putting some stuff back, but came out of there with a load of new! ;) Then it was off to Lowe's to get some paint for our bathroom (where we're coming up with all this money is just beyond me, guys...). We found some paint that was on sale (that happened to be the color we were looking for!), plus another two sale-gallons of paint to use in the other bathrooms! We spent less on all three gallons of paint than we would have for one gallon at regular price (pats self on back). We're going to be trying some of the fun new techniques on our walls, so watch this space for future pictures.

OK, my tale is done. Hope everyone else is having a wonderful Saturday!


Anonymous Judy said...

If you spent all this money today, just what is left for my Stampin Up! party? Egads, I gotta find me some wealthy friends.......

6:18 PM

Blogger Auntie said...

judy your are the funnest person i have ever met!

6:29 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Yippee for a good Saturday! You'll have to tell me more about your new scrapbooking toys sometime.

9:03 AM


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