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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


...I officially retract that whole refreshed statement.....I'm fucking exhausted after only one 13 hour stint that included a two-hour nap (from 6am-8am with a brand-new two year-old). I took kids down from the changing table (after they managed to throw all the diapers off the shelves above it), fed 4 kids breakfast, fed 7 kids lunch, changed 7 kids' worth of diapers, attempted to sit four kids on the potty, and tried to feed a reluctant breastfed newborn a bottle.

...I'm praying to get Erin and Griffin into bed soon so that I can go to bed myself. Cos it's all happenin' again tomorrow!


Anonymous Judy said...

When I stopped by today, I had no idea that you had six extra kids today. It was soooo quiet. I don't know how you do it. You know I can barely care for my own two kiddos. You rock, Girl!

8:37 PM

Blogger instamom said...

so, how often do you actually have extra kids? i remember reading that you do in-home daycare, right? but is that every day?! oh my word! wow.

10:50 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Nuts! I wish I was close to help out a bit more. ((hugs))

9:31 AM


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