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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tooting the Horn.... Collin's class is doing a play about Pecos Bill. Well, for his class, he was chosen to be Pecos Bill! :D He's excited, but way nervous about doing the lead role. I told him that no matter what happened, I was incredibly proud of him! He could get up there and never say a line for stagefright, and I would be proud as anything.

...He reminds me so much of myself that it's frightening. I had horrible stage fright at his age, and would shake visibly when doing a solo!

...And last night my friend Nancy commissioned me to make a scrapbook for a friend's baby shower. Am way excited about this! I have an album all ready for it, I just need to make the cover (it's a plain cover, and needs decoration) and pages. *bites nails*

...And last, but certainly not least, I signed up for a Upromise account yesterday. So easy to do, and hopefully all that diet Coke that I've been drinking, which no doubt is rotting my insides, will pay off in the long run!


Blogger Katie said...

Congrats Collin! Just think of the cool western theme layout you can do with the play pictures. hehe

8:34 AM

Anonymous alaina said...

oh, I'm so proud of Collin! Way to go! And kudos on the starting a Upromise account....for all of us who paid most/all of college, any help from parents helps! Especially since I can't even imagine how much it'll cost by the time collin gets to that age....dear, lord....

9:50 AM

Blogger novaks8 said...

Kid's plays are so fun!

You changed your! I love the green.

9:54 AM

Blogger Village-Idiot said...

awesome! make sure to post some pictures of the sure-to-be award winning performance!

12:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm a mom and am thinking about signing up for Upromise (so I'm doing some research by reading comments from other moms). I went to a preschool fair this weekend, however, and heard about a similar service called Little Grad. They seem to have higher commissions for online shopping than Upromise.

Have any of you tried it? Any thoughts on it?


12:05 AM


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