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Friday, November 04, 2005

Where am I Going Wrong?

...OK, so last night, as I was folding Mt. Needtofold, I folded just one pair of Collin's underwear. Yes, one. When I asked him whether or not he's been changing his underwear, he told me that he was. Well, we finally get it out of him that he was NOT changing his underwear because he didn't know where any other pairs were. Someone please tell me where I've gone wrong with this child? Why is he too scared to ask for help in finding a damn pair of underwear? So it seems I'm not the only one with an irritated ass around here. ;)

...Tonight I've been cleared to go out with my sister-in-law and a blogger buddy! I've spoken to my blogger bud on the phone, but haven't met her in person, so I'm stoked!

...Other than that, no big plans for the weekend. Housekeeping aside, that is. There always is a plan for that!


Anonymous Blogger Buddy ;) said...

WOO HA!! Can't wait! 6:30 is not going to come fast enough!! TGIF! I can't wait to meet you...!!!

9:09 AM

Blogger Katie said...

Have fun!

9:58 AM

Anonymous Alaina said...

Yeah, is it that time yet? I'm soo nervous for my test...must get through until 3:00....ugh!

10:40 AM

Blogger Cath said...

Bless him. I think little boys talking about underpants is just a tad embarrassing.
Have fun!

4:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. I had to set the wayback machine for september of 1987, to my college German class to figure out where the comment button was.

I always thought German was a cool, masculine language. I didn't like French at all. Yet, that's the language I ended up learning. It has its advantages, of course. Like being able to watch live images of Paris burning, and understand what the reporters are screaming.

You've got a gorgeous little family there. Twins, even! I now understand the name "Very Tired Mommy"!

Have a good weekend...and get some sleep!

5:58 PM


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