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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My Life is One Big Oxymoron.....'s me, sat on my lack of motivation, and i've decided to have a whack at creating christmas presents again this year. don't ask...i know that i'm not right in the head. part of me thinks that maybe i should be upping the anti-depressants or is no fun right now, and i know that a lot of it has to do with my perspective and how i've let myself believe that my life isn't worth it. not that i'm suicidal, but my house is a wreck, my face is spotty, my kids are digging into the halloween candy at will, and i could give two shits. this isn't good for anyone. i just haven't found my new perspective yet. if you see it, please send it my way, as i really need it right now..... *sigh*

***update, al a CMHL ****
...i've shoved about three or four loads of laundry through today, and cleaned up the kitchen a bit after each meal. i'm finding the perspective, and have reminded myself that i "have to care". does the fact that i haven't been caring make me a bad person?? i really wish that i'd been the one to grow up with neat-nick parents....


Blogger cmhl said...

so, what are you going to create???

one year, I went wild and crocheted little ornaments for everyone in my family. I was SO out of control. but they are still my favorites.

NOW is the time to start on this kind of thing-- seriously, I want to know what you are going to do!

10:08 AM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

am going to make little birthday put together library pockets into a book...a friend of mine does the pinecone press "not your ordinary book club" scrapbooking club, and they come back with all the neatest stuff...i can't find a pic of it, though.... :( i'll post one when i'm done. ;)

10:52 AM

Blogger Katie said...

((hugs)) It's okay not to be on top of your game all the time. Put the Halloween candy up high, smear on some oxycream (hehe), hire a maid (or Aaron *winks*) to clean the house, and have fun creating your Christmas gifts! Baby steps remember!

11:12 AM

Blogger nain said...

who you calling an oxymoron??? :-) j/k Hang in there, hun - I know how frustrated you are - and I don't blame you. And I think the present idea sounds great - I need to think of some cheap way to do presents this year but I don't have time to make them...hmm...suggestions?

Hope you can join us for dinner Friday!

2:00 PM

Anonymous Snapper said...

Here's to a better day today!

5:48 AM


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