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Monday, November 07, 2005

We're Safe....

....the tornadoes were a good three hours south-west of me, so we were fine and dandy. We did, however, have a lot of wind, and suddenly have leaves in our yard, though we have no trees with leaves.....

....i cut everyone's hair yesterday. the boys look same-old, same-old, but erin's got a new 'do. when i get the camera batt's charged up, you'll get to see her. it's weird with her short hair, but it's cute, so i'm not too sad that we did it.

....i finished part of one of the calendars that i've been talking about, so i'll post a pic in my scrapping blog when the camera batts are charged up....katie already knows that she's getting it, so she'll just have to act surprised when it shows up... ;)

...ok, back to the grind. i'm down a kid today, since his mom had a baby on saturday. i'll miss him, but hopefully he'll return in january....we shall see. but...they're still trying to tear the place up, so i better get back to it! hehehe


Anonymous lil irish gal said...

Ok glad you guys were A-ok up there! I cant wait to see the pics of the haircuts!! I bet they look adorable!Hope you have a fabulous day! ;) ...t

11:45 AM


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