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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Busy, Busy Weekend....

....but i'm sure you don't expect much else out of me, do you? i tend to lead a fairly busy life and am jealous of those who can find time to relax and enjoy it. friday night i made an can see it on my scrapping page. (scraps of steph at the right) it was for saturday, when i saw my friend Cristina, who was my roommate my freshman year in college. she just had a baby boy, so it was for her. she told me on the phone that she had only scrapped four pages for him thusfar, so i thought maybe she could use it as a bragbook or something.

...yesterday was spent hanging out with cristina and the gaggle of girls from my dorm. she went on to move in with some of them, while i went on to move in with aaron. ;) it was really neat to see everyone and to see how everyone had changed over the past ten years since we all met. the twins were absolutely terrible, though. wearing me out these days, they are.....

... today was spent ransacking the daycare and cleaning ALL the toys. those of you who have been to my house know that i have a LOT of toys. so this was a feat. but...they're clean now, and hopefully we'll be less sick if i continue to keep cleaning them like that once or twice a month.... i need to still do some grocery shopping and buying of things like fridge locks tonight. i would hope that i'd have time to relax, but i'm sure that that won't happen. *sigh*


Anonymous Judy said...

Hello?! You made an ALBUM! In one night! You are an overacheiver, no wonder you don't have time to relax. You rock, Girlfriend!

8:12 PM

Blogger Katie said...

So a busy weekend means an easy week right? Yeah I didn't think so either.

8:10 AM

Blogger seeingdouble said...

I love scrapping, we'd have a blast together! Of course, I make it a point to leave the twins with the Hubs whenever possible, let him deal with that crap!! **wink** Sidenote: my comment verification thing says "nehkfart" Come on, you KNOW you laughed!!

2:33 AM


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