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Friday, September 30, 2005

Can Someone Please Tell Me..... I can sign up for the vacation with the nice men in white coats? Cos I really really would like it right now. Yes, that leaves me picking the Stress Center over my house!! today's activities?? the little darlings have learned to open the fridge. they've taken out as much as they can and have thrown it all over the living room. first it was the eggs (sooo much fun to clean up), then it was the hot sauce and ketchup, and then it was an ENTIRE FUCKING GALLON OF MILK! and, of course, they had to lap that shit up like puppies when they were done.

...i'm living my dream, here.


Blogger Village-Idiot said...

I can totally see how that can happen. Niecie's girlfriend's kid (Kyle) learned to open the fridge and got a hold of Hershey's Syrup. Look at it this way, in 20years (maybe longer) you'll look back and laugh, or at least chuckle.

Was it your daycare kiddo's or you own? I have to know...what had you distracted long enough to give them the opportunity?

8:00 PM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

it was at different intervals during the day....and's funny now...and i took pics of the milk..cos if i didn't laugh, i would have cried. could be anything from a stolen moment on the puter to giving griffin a breathing treatment... :(

9:49 PM

Blogger Auntie said...

OMG! I am so sorry that happened! I guess you are going to have to lock the fridge...and everything are a true zookeeper.

11:08 PM

Blogger Katie said...

un stuff. My floor is still sticky after Ally dropped the gallon of sour mix on the floor. And she's almost 7 years old!

7:21 AM

Blogger Cath said...

So sorry hun, now go get a lock for thet fridge!

6:52 AM

Blogger Leann said...

Let's take that vacation together!

10:15 AM


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