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Thursday, September 29, 2005

As My Friend Debs Would Say....

....gimme a's an update on my children....

Collin...has current issues with lying. While I was away on vacation, he lied about taking a shower...that's kidlike, if not humorous. I didn't give him much grief. But, not one month later, he lied about having homework. When caught, he said that he lied because he was scared to say that his homework was leftovers because he didn't get it done today in class. Well, the lie is so much worse than the act of not finishing the homework. My God, it's something I would have done myself...which leads me back to the age-old worry that he's turning into a mini-me, with a future of depression and medicated wonder before him. *sigh* as mean as the day is long. She just stole what was left of my ice cream sandwich. Little bitch.

Erin and Griffin both have taken to Wheel Watching...and clap right along with the studio audience. muhahahaha Griffin also cheered right along with a girl who'd won.

Griffin....has been talking up a storm. A complete storm, I tell ya. Today he was singing a rendition of Higgly Town Heroes. Muy Cute!!

So, all in all, my kids are terrific.....but...someone please pin up the favorite boy until he's a teenager....

....gotta go...Erin's chasing Griffin around the upstairs, saying "I tickol".....


Blogger nain said...

steph, when I was visiting you guys last weekend and watched the Wheel with Griffin, the poor boy did not know when to stop clapping - it was hilarious!!! He's hilarious!

and hmm..maybe collin is a lawyer in training?

8:02 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Quick, go check your purse for the rest of that ice cream sandwich! HeeeHeee

Noah has homework every day that he doesn't get done in class. Not that I'd compare the two kiddos, but, so what? Homework stinks, but you're right, the lie is so much worse. Especially when you are a teacher's kid. He's got to understand he can't get away with anything. I 'd have thunk he'd known that by now.

8:35 PM

Blogger nain said...

steph, I'm curious - whatever happend to the incident at Aaron's school? How did that resolve itself? Hope everything's ok!

8:01 AM

Blogger Cath said...

You're kiddos are adorable Steph, and i'm sure it's just a phase with Collin!

11:52 AM


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