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Saturday, August 20, 2005

A Productive Day....

So today was a pretty productive day. I did get to sleep in, but mostly because I had one killer fucking headache this morning. Thanks to Aaron for letting me try to sleep it off, though!

After I got up, though, I puttered around the daycare space, putting up a bulletin board (that the kids kept knocking down when it was on the brackets....I fixed those little shits, though....mounting tape does wonders! ROFL), put up an alphabet banner (which didn't stay...the sticky-tack fell down! *pouts*), and put back all the rugs that I'd taken up to sweep and mop last night (I was up until past eleven just cleaning the daycare...urgh). After we ate a nice lunch, Aaron, the twins, and I went to Lowe's to pick out some cabinets and shelves for the daycare. I got a set of Black n' Decker plastic cabinets (I figure, hey...the kids don't give two shits whether they're pretty!), and a set of white shelves to hang above the changing table. I think that this will aide in keeping everyone's diapers separated, etc. We shall see. After Aaron went to work tonight, I put on some non-skid stuff on the table and chairs. It really does a great job of keeping my lawn-furniture-turned-kids'-furniture in place. They were scooting the table all over the floor, and getting pissed at eachother during lunch, so this should help!

I did have a bit of fun tonight. My friend Rebecca brought over her The Angel Company catalog so I could see all the new stuff they brought out. We then met up with Stephenie and Maggie and went to a Mexican restaurant for supper. It was fun, and the twins were very good throughout dinner (which is a miracle in and of itself!). We then picked up Collin from the in-laws (where he stayed last night so that he could go to Dayton with them today to move Alaina in her apartment.) and then went to a custard stand for ice cream sandwiches. Erin did the funniest thing with hers....she stuck it in her little purse that Santa brought her for Christmas last year. Yes, my friends, in the purse. That's the second thing that's gone in the purse. The first was spaghetti. I love my daughter! ROFL. Oh, she also decided to give herself marker tattoos today....A full-body one. She even colored her girl parts.... what color, you ask? Red, of course. sheesh.

So, the fun didn't stop after my friends went home and I dug the ice cream sandwich out of Erin's purse....I am hell-bent and determined to finally get to scrapbook sometime in the near future. So, I started organizing things today. I'm definitely nowhere to being finished, but I did manage to start grouping my embellishments by color.

Is everyone having as much fun as I am today? ;)

Off to bed for me....I think we might be going to the State Fair tomorrow.


Blogger Katie said...

Busy, busy! Woohoo for the productive day! Now send some motivation my way. hehe

2:15 PM


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