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Friday, August 26, 2005

Copying.... ;) De-lurking Friday/Saturday....

OK, to copy a blogger-buddy ...if you read my little bit of fun here, please drop me a comment and tell me what a weirdo or wonderful person you think I am. ;)

I'm sitting here on a Friday night, having spent the majority of the night either clutching my head in agony or cleaning a bit in the scraproom/office. My stash is a bit more organized, and I'm getting itchy scissors. I'm wishing some time and energy for me so that I can actually bore you with my work again. It's been a long time since I posted any of my work. (for those of you who've not seen anything, I am a scrapbooker-wannabe...)

Why is it that when I actually get up some nerve to work on my albums, the headache gods present me with the gift of pain?

Also, did you know that it costs eight-freaking-dollars to rent a video game at Blockbuster? Never again shall I be a generous mommy and give the gift of game. And really...should he be rotting his brain with that crap anyway?

Happy weekend, all!


Blogger cmhl said...

yay!! I get to be first!!!
and may I wish you the happiest of de-lurking Fridays, although it is actually saturday morning now... hope you have a GREAT weekend!!!

6:59 AM

Blogger Leann said...

I lurk almost every day!, but is it really lurking when you, the author, know I check up on you regularily? (Each and everyday girlie!)

11:11 AM


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