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Friday, July 22, 2005

Last. Day. Of. Vaca.......WAAAAHHHH!!!

Ha, I'm seriously not THAT sad. But I am rethinking my ploy NOT to go away by myself as I'm sat here at the computer with sounds of really pissed off two year-olds travel to my ears......

Not much has been happening the past two days. And I'm loving that. Collin and I are desperately trying to finish the fifth Harry Potter book so that we can steal the sixth from Aaron. Methinks Aaron might finish first, though. I'm excited to read it with my boo, but I might have to read on the sly, as I tend to read things I like in one sitting.....

Am feeling quite relaxed, but am so not really wanting to go back to work on Monday. I do miss my other "kids" though!


Blogger Cath said...

hey, don't post spoilers on Harry Potter, i ain't read it yet!!
Hope your vacation was good, i have alot of catching up to do on your blog!

3:51 PM

Blogger cmhl said...

surfed across your blog-- sorry your vacation is almost over!!!

4:00 PM

Blogger Auntie said...


If you get a chance, read my day off entry on my blog....ugh! I think I should have worked! Very happy you are having a relaxing vacation!

8:32 AM


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