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Monday, May 09, 2005

Tired and a Little Worried.....

So, I'm exhausted. What else is new, right? Two extras at the zoo today makes for a bit of a tired Zookeeper. Tomorrow shall be better. Only six extra. Which is too many. ROFL.

Why worried, you ask? Well, in looking around at my pictures this evening, I encountered a problem with opening files that were generated by my old Canon camera. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know how I might fix it? I know, beat me over the head with a wet noodle for not getting the damn things burned to disc yet. I will as soon as someone tells me how I might get access back.... :-S


Blogger Katie said...

What program were you trying to open them in? Do you still have the old Canon's software? You might trying opening them in that.

8:17 AM


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