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Friday, May 06, 2005

She's a Super-Sleuth Zookeeper.....

Long story short...the girl did it.....and I'm pretty certain that the boy took the card. The girl could have, but the boy probably did. And if the stuff doens't come back soon, I'm giving her a week to find alternate care. I can't keep doing this.

HUGE stress headaches yesterday with this.

On a good note, I was able to have fun last night. Of course, it was only after having a LITER of Woodchuck Hard Cider that I was able to have a good time. Poor Aaron. LOL

I went to see Ben Folds in concert last night. Was a bit of a blast, if I do say so myself. Of course, the guy that opened for him Corn Mo was a total waste of space. LOL And, Ben played one of my favorite tracks from his new album, called Gracie....about his daughter. AND, I found out, that he has boy/girl twins!! I told Aaron that his man-crush should be bigger now that he has stuff in common with him! ;)


Blogger Katie said...

Awesome! I'm glad you had such a good time at the concert! :)

I'd still kick those kids to the curb, don't schools have a zero-tolerance policy nowadays? Good luck and stick to your guns!

10:20 AM

Anonymous christie said...

I love ben folds- glad you had a good time

10:51 AM


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