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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Cruel Irony...... life is full of cruel irony....I suppose that anyone with little children in the house would have to agree with me....

....for example.....did you know that Erin Louise quit puking by the time we got home from St. Louis...but erped up the ENTIRE TIME we were gone?

....and today, it was Griffin's turn to shower me with surprises....a former daycare kiddo's mom needed my carpt shampooer for a bit so that she could get her house ready for her son's first communion. So, I let it go....not realizing that Griffin not only took off his diaper after he shit in his diaper, but proceded to use the carpet in his bedroom as ass wipe before showing me that he took his diaper off. Of course I didn't discover this little fact until after my carpet cleaner went out the door..... *sigh*

boys are yucky.....


Blogger Cath said...

OMG, and i have all this to come!

1:44 AM


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